Game Development

Founder of PotatoFace, specializing in unique and skilled development for gameplay design, focusing on multiplayer, virtual reality, and custom gameplay mechanics. I’m able to quickly prototype, and then take those prototypes to a polished state, creating custom 3D components and testing them for gameplay.

Level Design

At 17, I enlisted into the USAR ( United States Army Reserve). My time spent training with the reserves taught me to have drive, and to put my heart and soul into everything I create. I started off with Unity 3 when I was 14. I wanted to create video games, so I started to learn some languages (HTML 5, Java, Python, and some Linux). I found my passion in level design, environment design and I have worked to become proficient in these fields. Working with PotatoFace, I've learned Unreal Engine and expanded beyond Unity. I am currently 21 years old and have about 6 years of level design/environmental design experience.

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